Sporting Clays & 5-Stand

Sporting Clays

Introduced to the United States in the early 1980's, Sporting Clays is the fastest growing of all the shotgun sports. Whether shooting by yourself on Individual League, or joining/forming a Team , shooters will find the courses at Whispering Emerald Ridge constantly challenging.

The Five Types of Targets Used

Standard: 108 Millimeters in diameter, this target is used to simulate large birds such as pheasants or mallards.
Rabbits: A hardened clay target which rolls and bounces on the ground. The target explains itself. Don't let those rabbits fool you.
Midi: Or commonly known as a 90, these are designed to simulate smaller yet faster birds like doves, teal or woodcock.
Mini: Also known as a 60, simulating the speed of the quick quail.
Battue: These targets are a flat disc. This target offers a fast rising low profile view until it reaches the peak of its flight path, when it slowly turns to one side and offers a round target as it falls simulating ducks diving onto the water.

For your safety Whispering Emerald Ridge requires shooters to wear safety glasses and hearing protection while on the course.

Blaze Orange Required For All Hunts - No Exceptions
Absolutely No Alcohol Prior To Or During Shooting


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