Hunting the Land

Hunting Guidelines

Basic Benefits & Safety Guidelines

1. No Wisconsin hunting license required while hunting on the game farm
2. No bag limit - You may shoot roosters or hens
3. All Members and Guests must sign a Waiver each calendar year (January 1st - December 31st
4. Members may bring unlimited guests to hunt with them at no extra charge
5. All hunts must be booked in advance to assure that a field will be available for you
6. All hunts booked 1/2 or whole day.  Morning hunts start at 8:00 am and end at 1:00 pm.  Afternoon hunts start at 1:00 pm to dusk
7. All hunters must check in at the clubhouse before going into the field and check out prior to leaving
8. Blaze orange is a must - No less than an orange hat
9 Absolutely no 3" shells
10. Absolutely no steel shot
11. Absolutely no shot heavier 4 shot
12. Parking in designated areas only
13. Scratch hunting is for members only - Monday - Thursday only.  Weekends by availability
14. All birds leaving the game farm must have a receipt
15. As all sportsmen know, it is Against the Law and Irresponsible to aim or shoot at a residence.  This will not be tolerated
16. No field dress in the field.  For your convenience, we have a cleaning facility located in the basement of the clubhouse.  Everything is available for your bird cleaning.  Running water, knives, cutting boards, stainless steel tables, etc.
17. Bird cleaning service is available.  No less than $2.00 per bird service charge
18. Dogs must be kept under control at all times
19. Hunters must stay in assigned fields.  No trespassing on private lands
20. Please absolutely no smoking cigars or cigarettes while hunting because our grass could easily catch fie
21. No alcohol consumption before or during the hunt.  We are in a dry township so you are most welcome to bring your cocktails in the clubhouse after the hunt
22. Trade in Program - Trade your birds for all ready processed pheasant sticks, bacon, hotdogs or jerky

Any member or guests breaking rule #15 will have their membership and/or their hunting priviledges revoked


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